The consumer products industry is different from all the other sectors as it has its own challenges and needs. Our services and capabilities are fully adapted to meet the requirements of this dynamic and competitive sector.

We carefully study the supply chain of your product to be able to offer the best logistics solutions to deliver your product to the consumer market efficiently.
Our understanding of the market fluctuations and the seasonal demands gives us an edge in managing your product effectively.

Handling many of the consumer goods, such as food and beverages requires special care.

We, at AfroTurk Logistics, always keep our promise in meeting the consumer requirements even when they are highly individual and time-sensitive.

Our customers will benefit from full visibility throughout the supply chain to help them focus more on their core business.

We provide a variety of consumer product solutions for many products in the industry, such as:

Food Services

  • Food & beverages
  • Tobacco & alcohol
  • Personal care
  • Consumer electronics & appliances
  • Fashion, footwear & apparel
  • Sports & leisure